Menweer’s Story

Due to Syria’s ongoing conflict, its people have to overcome challenges and find ways to create a life for themselves, wherever they may reside. Menweer, a Syrian who now lives in Jordan, does this in a special way. “When I found Active Voices,” he said, “I became more courageous. I was always very shy.” And now, he uses music as a way to vent out, as a way to overcome what he is experiencing. “For me, music is a means to convey a message. I rap when I feel sad for my country, to express what I am feeling inside.” For him, Active Voices opened up doors that felt like they were forever closed. It made him grow.
“My message to all Syrians is: the war may be going on for a lot longer, so do something, keep active, do something for your country, and do something for yourself to help you grow.”