Coming together again in Amsterdam: our second diaspora workshop

The Aswat Faeela project brought together for the second time 15 young Syrians currently living in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Denmark for a two-day workshop in Amsterdam. Aswat Faeela is a multi-country youth development project, funded by the European Commission, led by the British Council and implemented through a consortium of partners (including International Alert, Search for Common Ground and Globally Connected).

The workshop focused on the results of community based research that the participants had done on the gaps between Syrian refugees and the host communities, and the gaps between Syrians living as refugees in each of these countries. The team then began to map out the steps for working on social action projects to improve relationships and understanding with European host communities and other Syrians.

The participants have described themselves as being ‘empowered’ and ‘peace enablers’ allowing them to shape their future in their new homes. After the workshop the participants will further develop their advocacy initiatives and connect with other young people from across the MENA region, so they can speak up about the issues their communities face and promote solutions together. Aswat Faeela is providing one of the few platforms that both virtually and physically brings together such a diverse range of young Syrians around common issues.

The Aswat Faeela project is funded by the European Commission​, led by the British Council and implemented through a consortium of partners (including International Alert, Search for Common Ground and Globally Connected).