Aswat Faeela Closing Events

Aswat Faeela participants celebrating two years and a half of commitment and engagement © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council

On 9 and 10 May 2018
, we celebrated two and a half years of engagement, learning and development with our #AswatFaeela network that currently consists of more than 450 Syrian youth and youth from their host communities. On the first day, the youth gathered together, and were joined on the second day by representatives from the European Union, UN agencies and local and international organisations to celebrate their achievements. The second day consisted of two panel discussions- one on the role of youth in peacebuilding and another on youth-led advocacy and which included case studies from the Aswat Faeela participants who have been implementing initiatives across Europe and the Middle East. We also debuted the documentary of Aswat Faeela, “Longing”, which tracked the journey of several of the project participants and showed the positive impact that they are having in the communities.

Member of the audience checking the photo exhibition on the second day of the closing event at Beit Beirut © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council


Aswat Faeela documentary, “Longing”, debuted at the closing events © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council


European Union charge d’affaires for Syria Mrs. Tosca Barucco opening the closing event © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Counci


Co-founder of Globally Connected, Abir Hajj Ibrahim, talking about the importance of connecting Syrians everywhere © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council


Team leader at British Council, Fatme Masri opening the first panel on the role of youth in peacebuilding © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council


Syria programme manager from International Alert Caroline Brooks opening the second panel on youth lead advocacy © Zita Luiten/International Alert/British Council


Aswat Faeela is funded by the European Commission , led by the British Council and implemented through a consortium of partners (including International Alert, Search for Common Ground and Globally Connected)