The Project

Aswat Faeela (Active Voices) is a regional youth development project that is funded by the European Commission, led by the British Council with International Alert and Search for Common Ground as consortium partners. It aims at developing the capacity of youth through practical learning and providing them with opportunities to be heard on national and international levels about pressing topics such as conflict transformation and community resilience.
Aswat Faeela supports youth to work within their communities to find solutions to issues that challenge them on a daily basis and provides them with safe spaces to design collaborative solutions. The project encourages youth to build networks to work around common themes so that they are able to relate their community experiences to wider national and international levels. By doing so, Aswat Faeela will encourage wide and diverse representation of young people in influencing decision-making.
By taking part in Aswat Faeela, youth will be responsible for reflecting on their own practices, activities and the contexts within which they live. Youth will be empowered to play an active and positive role in the development of their community.